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Kumera Careers

Kumera Corporation is a worldwide technology company. The corporation consists of three major operating divisions: manufacture of industrial and marine power transmissions in Finland, Austria, Norway, and China; foundry activities in Finland; and Kumera Technology Center, specialized in supplying main process equipment for aluminum, copper and nickel smelters on several continents.

Kumera Drives Oy is the parent company of the Power Transmission Group and is specialized in supplying equipment and drive units for mechanical power transmission of the process industry. Kumera Drives Oy employs about 130 people in Finland.

The objective of Kumera's social policy is to offer its personnel tasks and motivation equal to their individual ambitions and goals. Kumera Corporation endeavours to employ people of all ages, representing different levels of experience, education, training, and intellectual development.

Kumera Corporation offers equal opportunity to each employee to develop in her or his career without regard to sex, race, age, religion, or any other factor other than personal skills and performance.

Competitive and motivating incentives in the long term are part of Kumera's policy regarding personnel development.

Many of the internal discussions at Kumera Technology Center are held in the English language due to our foreign experts and nature of tasks.

Please feel free to let us know your capabilities, experience and CV, even if we have not announced a vacancy. We may find a challenging possibility for you.

Visit our contact information page for further info.

Open job applications and applications for summer jobs can be sent by email to:
[email protected]

Kumera Corporation, Kumerankatu 2 FI-11100 Riihim?ki, Finland Tel. +358 20 7554 200[email protected] Legal Notice / Privacy / Code of Conduct
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